March 19, 2009

AIG CEO Mr. Edward Liddi, How could you?

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It is beyond my understanding how Mr. Edward Liddi fooled everybody, and he is still trying to find a excuse for his actions.

I keep asking myself and I cannot find an answer, even if I try; Does Mr. Libbi have any moral? What about the people that accepted the bonuses? Did they really need $ 1 million added to their worth?

We are living in a time of crisis, in which the majority of people are suffering by loosing their jobs, homes, savings, health.

American citizens are dying because they cannot afford going to the doctor or buy their medicines, our children’s schools do not have the adequate materials to provide a decent education.

The Department of Social Services of different states are getting swamped with all the applications for cash assistance, food stamps, help with utilities, etc. and of course, the states have only so much money to provide for the poor and needy.

But, on the other hand we have another kind of people, that live in a sort of limbo and don’t care about their fellow citizens, all they care is about how much money they can put in their savings account, those kind of peopl,e like Mr. Libbi and his clan should be ashamed and return our money to the government, our tax money that we paid with our work and sweat, that money that we took away from our children to pay our taxes.

There are a lot of people hungry in this country because they cannot avoid to buy food, there are people cold in this country because they cannot afford to pay for heat, there are also people sick, that is getting even sicker because they cannot afford to buy medicines and there are people that lost there homes because they couldn’t afford to pay mortgage anymore.

Mr. Libbi, I still don’t understand… How could you take that money and pay bonuses instead of doing the right thing and pay your debts?

Ahh!!! One more question Mr. Libbi, How can you sleep at night?


March 17, 2009

Hello world!

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This is my first post and I want to welcome everybody to my blog. You may be asking about the name MISLI, what does it mean? and why did I choose it?. MISLI is a Croatian word that means Thoughts, and I chose it because that simple word describe the entire content of my blog.

Everyday I will be expressing my thoughts and opinions about different issues that affect us. Please feel free to post your ideas and point of views and do not hesitate to disagree with me.

Welcome again,